About Us

One of the purposes of playing music is to have fun; we want to enjoy playing and listening to melodies, lyrics, and stories. In addition, we want to enjoy the camaraderie of others in a convivial setting. Our emotions can be brought out in such a setting because it is safe to share our inner selves with others. Music allows information to be brought forth without the need of common language. And music records our deeds in song so that future generations may be enlightened, informed, and entertained.

Anything that interferes with the natural sharing of our inner feelings is antithetical to a rich, full life. If we are afraid to sing or play music with others it is an indication that we cannot share ourselves with others. One of the things that interferes with the natural flow of feelings is the thought that we cannot sing or play “right”. This stifles our ability to enjoy music. Another thing that may interfere with sharing our humanity with others is not knowing how to sing or play music. We may have the desire to engage in musical entertainment, but we may not have had the opportunity to learn the art form to the extent that we can express it in a pleasing way to people.

Lessons.IO has been created to increase people’s ability to share more of themselves through musical expression. First, we want to show people how to play popular songs from all time periods, irrespective of genre or style. There are thousands of great songs from the beginnings of musical expression to the present day. Many of these song melodies and lyrics are enjoyable to all of us. Much can be learned about our history by listening to music. Lessons.IO has dedicated itself to the dissemination of information about how to play many of these songs simply and easily.

Secondly, to address the other situation that people find stressful, Lessons.IO desires to let people know that, beyond a certain level of performance and understanding, “perfection” does not necessarily improve the sharing of emotions. We are all who we are, some geniuses in our trades, others (in fact, most of us) possessing varying levels of competence in performance. If we are successful in conveying honest emotion to our listeners, then we have reached the pinnacle of the art form.

It has been elucidated many times in the past that our minor faults define us. No where is this more true than in the performance of music. Sure, we need to be “on key”, our instruments should be “in tune”, there should be an easily recognizable melody, and there needs to be understandable language, but then the individual characteristics of the performer identify the uniqueness of the presentation. Otherwise, once a song is recorded, it need never be played by anyone else. That would be robbing all of us of the ability to share ourselves with others.

Lessons.IO presents songs, melodies, chords, and lyrics so that the individual player may use these elements to enhance, not only their own enjoyment of music, but also to freely share themselves with others. Further educative enhancement may also be realized in the rich legacies of the many cultures that have contributed to the vast body of music that we enjoy today.