Blue Suede Shoes

Back in the golden days of Rockabilly, Gospel, and Blues, Carl Perkins wrote and recorded Blue Suede Shoes. Many famous people have recorded this wonderful song and millions have enjoyed hearing it. Truly a classic, Blue Suede Shoes ushered in modern Rock’n’Roll. There’s really only three chords to know so that you can play this tune: A, D, and E. But, like most popular tunes, if you know the little nuances (or secrets) of how to play those three simple chords, you can make the song sound as exciting as the record. We show you these simple tricks in this guitar lesson. Blue Suede Shoes is a must for every entertainer’s repertoire, whether or not you play classic rock, or modern Indie. Watch this guitar lesson for the exciting things you can do with Blue Suede Shoes.

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