The Girl From Ipanema

If you’ve ever been in an elevator, you have heard the song, The Girl From Ipanema. This classic song has been around since 1962 and it was made famous by Stan Getz, Frank Sinatra, and every other great entertainer. Young musicians today are learning and appreciating The Girl From Ipanema. This guitar lesson shows the song in the key of “F”, and the chords that you will need are: Fmaj7, G7, Gm7, Gb7, Cb9, F#m7, D9, Eb9, Am7, and C7. You will easily learn all these chords by watching the instructor’s hands if some of these chords are new to you. We will show you two different endings that will add interest to the song and you will be playing The Girl From Ipanema sooner than you might imagine.

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