The rumor has it that Louis VIII (I think), back in antiquity, wrote this tune. He probably would be surprised to learn that Greensleeves is still being played and enjoyed to this day. Many different lyrics have been added, even a Christmas version, but the song retains its wonderful chord structure and tune. We will demonstrate Greensleeves in the key of Am. The chords that you will need are Am, C, G, Em, and E7. Since this is a folk song, it might sound better if it is played in the first position on the neck of the guitar, although you can play it in a variety of ways. In this guitar lesson we will show you some of the nuances in Greensleeves that make it sound exciting. For example, positioning the right hand (using a pick or finger style) in such a way that the guitar sounds more like a harp. It’s a great song, it’s easy to learn, and it’s fun to play.

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