The Lady Is A Tramp

Rogers and Hart produced many great tunes/songs over the years. Lady Is A Tramp is right up there with the best. It is a catchy tune with ‘raw’ lyrics and it is fun to play. Learning Lady Is A Tramp will challenge your ability to play guitar, but that’s a good thing! The chords that we present are: Cm, Dm, Eb, F, G, C, Cmaj7, C9, Fm, G7, Fmaj7, Em7, Am, A7, and D7. I know, it looks like a lot of chords for one song, but once you get into putting this song together, you’ll agree that learning Lady Is A Tramp is really worth the effort. Learning this song will assist every student in ways that are not apparent, but you’ll easily learn how the combination of these common chords makes this song sound fantastic.

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