Loch Lomond

Back in 1841, John McDermott penned Loch Lomond, a song about two soldiers who were in a fierce battle, one realizing that he probably wouldn’t come out of it alive. He asks his buddy to contact his love after he is dead and to tell her that his last thoughts were of her and that he loves her, and that he intends to meet her in the Hereafter. This very touching tune is always performed sadly ā€“ but with a feeling of hope. We show Loch Lomond in the key of ā€œDā€. The chords that you will need are: D, Bm, G, and A. Just four simple chords, but played well, Loch Lomond takes on a wonderful ambiance. You will easily learn this song because the chords follow a simple pattern, and the chorus chords are the same as the verse chords. Thus, you’ll have this song learned in minutes and you’ll have lots of fun playing it for your audiences.

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