Molly-O, The Lily Of The West

Molly-O, The Lily Of The West, known by several other names – but always with “Lily Of The West” in the title, will become one of your favorite Irish tunes, if it isn’t already. There’s only four chords, Bm, D, A, and G. But there’s several other interesting things that make this song easy to play and easy to learn. For example, there’s no standard chorus, only the last line of each verse contains the same words. No chorus means that there’s less to learn and memorize. And, the chords are played in a “loop like” fashion. That is, you play the chord sequence over and over in the same order. This means that you never have to think about changing chords during the song. Molly-O, The Lily Of The West, is easy, it’s fun, and you’ll have a terrific time playing it.

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