Past the Point of Rescue

Past The Point Of Rescue, a wonderful tune written by Mick Hanly, and recorded by Hal Ketchum, is deceptively easy to learn and a delight to play. We demonstrate Past The Point Of Rescue in the key of ā€œCā€. The chords you will need are: Dm, C, G, Bb, and F. There are only three verses and a chorus to this song, but the arrangement that we show you augments the song so that it sounds like so much more. Back in 1992, when Hal Ketchum made this Irish song a hit, Past The Point Of Rescue started to climb the charts ā€“ and it has never come down! You will easily learn to play this tune and you can be playing it for your friends in a couple hours. Just follow the suggestions we give you to find the easiest way to sound great.

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