Pennies From Heaven

Back in 1936, Arthur Johnson and Johnny Burke wrote Pennies From Heaven. This great song has been included in every great entertainer’s play list and Pennies From Heaven is always an instant hit by anyone’s standards; no doubt that it is a jazz classic. This guitar lesson demonstrates how to play Pennies From Heaven in the key of “A”. The chords you will need are A, C#m, Cm, Bm, E7, A7, D, C#, C, B, B7, E9, A9, Dmaj7, Dm, F#9, and F#m. It looks like a lot of chords, but when you learn to play it from this lesson you will see how the chords fit together in easy patterns. In this lesson we emphasize certain key points to guide you easily into playing Pennies From Heaven. You’ll be playing it in no time at all!

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