Scotch and Soda

Back in 1959, Dave Guard of the group The Kingston Trio, wrote and recorded Scotch and Soda. The song contains more chords than most popular songs but they are easy to learn and simple to play. In this easy to follow guitar lesson we will show you how to play several of the chords with which you might not be familiar. But, we’ll demonstrate them several times and we will show you a few simple methods that will make Scotch and Soda easier to learn. The chords that you will need are: Abmaj7, Db9, Ebmaj7, C7, F7, Fm7, Bb7, C#6, Gm, Ab, F9, Fm, Emaj7, and Eb9(6). Phew! I know it looks like a lot of chords, but once we get into the lesson, you’ll see that these chords produce sounds that you will not want to miss. Scotch and Soda will be one of your favorite songs.

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