Whiskey In The Jar

If you ever visit an Irish pub you will surely hear the band playing Whiskey In The Jar. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Irish National Anthem! – just kidding) You can easily learn this rousing tune and you can be playing it in one sitting. There are only four chords that you have to know. They are: G, Em, C, and D (or D7). All these are common chords that most guitar enthusiasts know already. Learning Whiskey In The Jar is more about being excited about playing, rather than trying to learn the song. You’ll have no trouble at all following this guitar lesson; we show you the little “tricks” that make playing this song as easy as it can be. We also include more than one way to strum the song so that you have a choice of using strumming, or using single note picking. Either way, you’re going to have a great time with Whiskey In The Jar!

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